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machello's visit.... GROOOVE! GROOVE!! GROOOOOVE!!!!!

Well Ma'chello just left.. Weeeeeee.....watched a few episodes of Stargate SG1....played around with our guitars....ordered a pizza, watched Emperor's New Groove....

I LOVE the dialogue in that cartoon! Should watch it more often...

[Kuzco and Pacha are tied to a tree branch floating in a river]
Pacha: Uh oh.
Kuzco: Don't tell me: We're about to go over a huge waterfall.
Pacha: Yep.
Kuzco: Sharp rocks at the bottom?
Pacha: Most likely.
Kuzco: Bring it on.
Kuzco: No touchy. Nooo touchy!
[After falling into the alligator pit]
Yzma: Why do we even HAVE that lever?
[After falling into the SAME alligator pit]
Kuzco: Okay... why does she even HAVE that lever?
[Kuzco considers seven potential brides who all look remarkably alike]
Kuzco: Let's take a look see. (1st) Hate your hair, (2nd) Not likely, (3rd, 4th and 5th) Yikes, Yikes, Yikes, (6th) and let me guess, you have a great personality.
Yzma: A few drops of this in his drink and he'll be dead before dessert.
Kronk: Too bad, because it's gonna be delicious.
Old Man: Oh, that wasn't the first time I was thrown out of a window and it won't be the last. What can I say? I'm a rebel.
One of my favourtie lines...,
[Plotting ways to kill Kuzco]
Yzma: Aaah... How shall I do it? Oh, I know... I'll turn him into a flea. A harmless, little flea. And then, I'll put that flea in a box. And then I'll put that box inside of another box. And then I'll mail that box to myself. And when it arrives, (laughs) I'll smash it with a hammer. It's brilliant, brilliant. Brilliant, I tell you. Genius, I say.
Kuzko: Oh no, now I feel really bad, bad Llama
Kuzco: Booyah.
Kuzco: Boom, baby.
DEFINITELY one of my favourties!
[Kuzko collides with an old man while dancing]
Kuzco: Aargh. You threw off my groove.
Guard: I'm sorry, but you've thrown off the Emperor's groove.
[The old man is thrown out of the palace window]
Old Man: Sorry.
[while Kuzco and Pacha are trying out all of Yzma's potions]
Kuzco: Yay. I'm a llama again.
Kuzco: Wait...
Another favourite of mine...
Pacha: What happened?
Old Man: Why, I threw off the Emperor's groove.
Pacha: What?
Old Man: His groove. The rhythm in which he lives his life. His pattern of behavior. I threw it off. And the Emperor had me thrown out the window.
Pacha: Oh, I'm supposed to see him, so...
Pacha: Okay.
Old Man: Bewaaaaaaaare, the grooooooooove.
Pacha: Say, are you gonna be all right?
Old Man: Groooooooooooove.
Pacha: We're on our honeymoon.
Waitress: Bless you for coming out in public.

Hey I got a dancing Kuzko on my desktop....


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