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Well so much for catching Nawar.. sheesh the guy is like.. when you need him he disspears under the ground or something... I'll see about catching him on Sunday or soemthing..

Day spent in the library.. working.. ^.^ Officially 5 hours of work.. unofficially, about 9...yeah so I'm a workaholic, and no I dont' get paid for the extra hours I put in.. I'm not really doing this job for the money... (okay so it pays 4 bucks an hour... but still.. )

I get immersed in work I sort of forget I have any problems...which is good mind you... I like that.. course it can get dangerous if that's all I'm doing, but it's a way to escape daily life, so to speak.. it's kinda nice... yeah okay so I'm a workaholic and deeply in love with my job.. (hence why I have no social life otherwise) not like it's wrong!

Uh yeah...
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