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Thigns to do tomorrow

Make heads or tails over what I'm going to take in the summer and what I'm going to take in the enxt two semesters.. I'm not sure where the heck I am at the moment.. gets confusing when you transfer, then go (ooookay this is = to this and this is = to that and this doesn't count at all and this counts for this and that) Then you end up going "wait a sec....."

Right now I'm looking at 8 subjects needed to complete my degree, at least...

I need to have a talk with Nawar tomorrow... for sure.. if I can catch him in his office... guy's slippery....

Oy vey... just what I need.. confuse myself before going to sleep! Yes, Jessie! Give yourself a headache! You got plenty of people around you giving you headaches, and now you've just given yourself one just by wondering when on Earth are you gonna finally graduate.....

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