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Last day of vacation

Last day of the so-called vacation... aiye...didn't do much in terms of 'rest' alas I'm hoping I can do that when I don't have work or college or anything else, when it'll be Eid here.. namely 20th -- 28th November; no work, no studies.... am not planning anything as of yet tho' ... everytime I plan something tends to come up and BOOM, no more plans... I hate that...and I bet some smart alec teacher will give us an assignment to do during that 'time off' ..... it's like "well you'll have lodas of free time during your week off anyway" Uh-huh, see that's why it's CALLED 'week off', we shouldn't do ANY school/college work during that, otherwise what's the point of the so-called 'week off'?

Did get to see most of Stargate SG1 Season 3 on DVDs tho' which is nifty...... didn't get to do much readin' though... :( did re-arrange the books on the shelf in a more coherent order tho' .... and marked those I haven't time I get confused and go "did I read that one? don't think so" but when I pick it up and skim through it I find out that I did read it.. so....

Could be worse; at least when I buy books I clearly remmber whether I got that book or I don't.....nevermind that I carry a list of books that I don't have and need to get from a particular series or something....

So, no, didn't do anything useful with my so called vacation.... as usual


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