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Chorus rehearsal and thensome

Came back from chorus rehearsal.. :: twitch :: I need to really learn the words to "Seasons of Love" and "I Feel the Earth move" I hate faking it... but yeah...

allergies being a pain in the neck...and head... big giant.. headache... :: rub face :: can't think straight...

right Wrist being a pain too..I have to wear that wrist support thing to bed now, otherwise I can't sleep because it gives me trouble.... and if I take the support off... geez.... forget holding a piece of paper even! (No exxageration there!)

Oy.. oh well...I guess better now than during final exams... speaking of which.. these are somewhere around the end of May/Beginning on June.....I gotta start planning a study schedule or something... want to do good on these despite the fact that for something like e-commerce we're actually STUDYING on our own since the guy talks about Artificial intelligence in class more often that about electronic commerce...

Aaaaanyway.. I'm gonna go sleep.. or something...
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