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Got my hands on "Bon Jovi: The Cursh Tour" DVD .. I can hear you gasping "what no BA?!" so shuush... I'm not obsessed with Bryan!! :: hides her Bryan Adams DVD collection, most of DVDs imported from Spain with descriptions in Spanish even::

Also bought a book on Mythology and two more on Ancient Egypt; namely the pyramids at Giza and the 'Complete Gods and Godesses of Ancient Egypt' I know I know I'm weird! I can't help it! Maybe I was an archaeologist in one of my former lives or something akin of that.....

in other news....IMF meetings started today, apparently...UAE government spent oodles of money for this thing too... they even let Israel in, which is a first in the Arab History! and they set up a 400 person tent, right accross the IMF meeting complex (they had one built specially for the IMF meetings, 600 seats or osmething)well the tent is for Greenpeace and other activists... so in case they want to protest, they can do it there..... apparently UAE has never seen a protest......nor do they know what it is....I mean... A TENT, specially for Greenpeace? "yeah if you want to protest, do it here" well this will get them far, I'm sure....

This is from Gulf News Online... ( Full article @ )

Vehicles driven on hard shoulder to be seized
Dubai | By Mona Al Khanjare, Staff Reporter | 18/09/2003

More than 30 motorists could be wearing out a lot of shoe leather for the next six months after Dubai police seized their cars for driving on the hard shoulder.

They were booked Tuesday when police started enforcing a new law giving them power to impound vehicles for up to six months whenever they find anyone committing this offence. Offenders also get four black points on their licence.

Col Mohammed Al Zafeen, Director of Dubai Traffic Police Department, told Gulf News the new rule had been issued by Major General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, in an effort to clamp down on the dangerous practice.

"Driving on the hard shoulders of roads is a main cause of serious accidents, so we are keen to enforce these penalties on offenders," Col Al Zafeen said.

Police officers began implementing the rule on Tuesday and more than 30 motorists were issued tickets on that day alone. Their cars will be impounded for six months. "Another important reason for forbidding motorists from driving on the hard shoulder is because it so often leads to fatal accidents," he added.

"We call the hard shoulder the 'blind area'. Drivers should not drive on it no matter what the reason. Some drivers tend to drive on them to save time, which is absolutely the wrong thing to do."

The previous law stated that offenders who drive on the hard shoulders should be fined Dh500 and receive six black points on their driving licence, if it is a first offence. "We had to come up with this new penalty as the number of violators was simply too high. Most of the offenders are young motorists and careless drivers."

Concerned motorists welcomed the new rule and said they hoped it would reduce the number of offenders. One motorist from Dubai speaking to Gulf News said that driving in the UAE was previously a pleasant experience, but can now be very worrying.

"People using the hard shoulder is a common sight here. It seems that only a few drivers respect the rules and drive with discipline," he said.

He added that the Traffic Police appear to be doing their best to punish offenders, and praised their new tactic of seizing vehicles as a deterrent.

"I believe that the latest penalty is excellent, it will reduce the number of violations as it is a very strict rule," he said.

Marwan Mohammed, a 42-year-old UAE national, also welcomed the new penalty and said that it should have been implemented long ago.

"I always thought the penalty of Dh500 was too low. Motorist will now fear that their vehicles will be seized. It will make the careless motorists think twice before driving on the hard shoulder," he said.

Elham Mohammed, a 35-year-old motorist, had the same view and believed that the new penalty would "definitely be effective"
"Usually, driving on the hard shoulder is not allowed because it can lead to severe injuries. Many accidents have been caused because of this. The offending drivers often hit the petrol tank of another car, causing it explode," she said.

© Al Nisr Publishing LLC - Gulf News Online

Yes we got rules about driving on blind areas, but no one wants to follow 'em and the police don't give a rat's arse (pardon my French) expecially if the driver is a local or an Arab.....

I'm glad they're cracking up on that little problem here, now.. better late than never...... too many accidents involving morons who try to take a shortcut by driving over a blind spot.... I never do that, but it irks me when I see someone zip past me and drive over the blind spot then end up a 500 meteres in front of me....what do they intend to win by this reckless driving? get to work faster? more like get to morgue faster...

I always say "see ya at the next stop light, bub" whenever I see someone overtaking me at breakneck speed..... in most cases that's true if the person goes my way..... sometimes I see the guy kissin' the rails with the front of his car, scratching his head wondering what went wrong and shaking his head at the damage caused to his car because he ran into a guardrail on a sharp turn..... maybe they want to show off, cuz I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, *and* I'm a female; most locals or Indians want to show off in front of the ladies or try to scare them especially when the females are driving a 4X4.....I tend to give 'em a look with a raised eyebrow as they pass me; sorta to say "and you accomplished WHAT?"

Mind you I can be reckless too, but not to the point of stupidity.......I want to live a little longer, Thank you very Much.....


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