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Group meeting and.. teachers without a sense of humor

Yeah I'm still up.. whether I'm making any sense is a different topic altogether...

group meeting tomorrow regarding the 30% -- 6000 word 'business plan' report thing which will have to focus on ANALYSING the 'imaginary' website of our 'imaginary' company.. gee how interesting.... what's more... BUSINESS PLAN?! more like an ANALYSIS REPORT here! OY!

and what's even more... he let us know this only this Monday! and it's due NEXT Monday! which means, pretty much whatever you did up until he changed his mind, you can throw it out and start from scratch.. cuz now he wants website samples too! he wants a few images of the dummy site there as well.. I just thought... I'll plug in 6 images and hand it in... after all they do say a picture if worth a thousand words... but somehow I don't think this guy has a sense of humor....

why do I get stuck with the teachers who don't have a sense of humour? Mind you it's fun at times... you can joke around and they just give you a blank look and wodner why the rest of the class laugh their heads off! Yeah I can be evil at times...

Halim's me a blank look whenever I make a joke about something he says... and I tell myself 'no more jokes with him!' and what do I do at the next opportunity he makes a slip up or mentions something that I can't resist joking about? that's right.. I joke about it! Cynicism, sarcasm, puns, word play gags, you name it, I throw those out at 'im!

yeah... let Jessie kill 'em all with bad puns now! and if I can't kill 'em with bad puns I'll just glare at 'em with my trademark 'don't mess with me' glare (:: slaps self for typing "and I'll just glare at them with my trademark 'don't mess with me smile' " first :: ) and if the glare doesn't work.... I'll go get my NRA arsenal ^_^;

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