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I hate when people do sloppy work.. especially in a place like the library.. if you don't like shelving and you're doing ah half assed job at it, then don't do it! You're making things worse! Same goes for shelf checking... if you're just pushing books to the edge of the shelf, that's not shelf checking!

I did an extra hour there sorting out the mess made.. I'm only at KV Library two times a week.. on Sundays and Wednesdays... and it's a huge mess by Wednesday! I spent about 2 hours just sorting out the shelves and making them look like a herd of monkey didn't visit them! :: slaps student library assistants :: learn the difference between 658.3 and 657.3! Read ALL the numbers before shelving! That and use your head; 's what it's there for, not just to put food into! HR stuff clearly SHOULDN'T be in the Accounting section!

Swear somma them need to be shot! Someone put the new issues of journals where the old issues are... underneath those on display! as a result one was checked out when current issues AREN'T supposed to be checked out! They are supposed to be on display! Sheesh! how hard is it to read the date on the journal and match it up with the one on display and ask yourself "latest issue?" that and the fact that the journals came in BRAND new, dead give away it's a recent issue!

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