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Just came back from the Harmony Chorus... AWESOME!!! Should've done this ages ago...:: beats self onna forehead:: but alas... better late than never... so yeah I'm now officially part of the Dubai Harmony Chorus

They put me in assa tenor because they had too many sopranos and I can kinda go both ways...Great.. I'll be the next Lucianno Pavarotti I bet! :P (or not..... heh) there are only 5 tenors out of the 40+ people in there.. which is kinda nifty in itself...and I'm not that much out of shape vocally as I thought I'd be after not singing live for about 3 years..... 1 or 2 songs here and there don't count, as they're mostly sing alongs; I haven't done any solo gigs in 3 years, so I thought I'd be way out of practice on that one; apparently I wasn;t...Nevermind that we dont' really sing with music in the background... harmonize instead, that's the sorta thing that I never really done before, but I have an ear for it so it works out....

First onna menu are Christmas songs; we already ran through "Winter Wonderland" and "Christmas Medley"

Next week we'll have team meetings, and maybe I can get an extra job doing this or that (keeping records, PR, and yadda) as well as singing.... and the DHC may go to Sweden next year; which will be rather nifty I guess... but we'll see what happens with that one...


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