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Watched a couple of episodes from season 3 of "Stargate SG1" (Finally!) I'm getting season 4 on DVDs either this month or beginning of next month...

well it ain't a marathon, but alas, it's something anyway.... I can't believe no one in the house bugged me during the time... ^_^ Darky's still asleep (yes it's past midday here and th' jeik is asleep still... OY! and they call ME lazy!) I at least have the courtesy to get up at 6 am everyday..... and half an hour earlier three times a week... so nyeah work soonish.... late shift....then straight after work I'm jettin' for choir practice.... Whoohooo

Made sure that my shedule next semester, allows for Tuesday evening ot be totally free of classes....otherwise I have no idea how my work schedule will be like next week.... pain inna neck along with my college schedule... as since we now have a new campus at Knowledge Village and the old one is still in Jumeirah; well.... library will still be in Jumeirah campus for the time being, so I have no idea how I'm going to get to work from KV as that's a 15 minute drive and cab fare is far from cheap here..... yes I have a license, and we have enough cars at home; but I can't drive in Dubai/Jumeirah for the time being.....granted driving a 4X4 ain't all that easy especially with my problem of judging distance (hence why I can't drive anything smaller than a 4X4; I'll end up either too close to the car ahead of me or too far from it.... and the way people drive here, you just never know when you're asking for an accident...) especially now with the whole IMF meeting thing taking place here in Dubai, some roads are blocked, so there are alot of irked drivers on the roads at the moment...


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