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I swear at times they're tryin' to kill me! Stayed home to help parents pack the cargo because we gotta haul a huge load off today...(I know it's Easter but....) so anyway.. I'm checking the parts against the customer's order whilst mom is checking the order with the company against the parts and to whom they go to...she throws the ones that go to the guy I'm checkin' over her head and right at me! I'm checking and 'whammo!' I get hit inna head with an oil seal. okay mebbe she missed the box, so i let this one pass...and the next few small items thrown at me, but when she started throwing bolts and brake pads... O_O

I move off a few inches to the side, she throws, hits me again..... and she's like "don't get in the way" uh yeah.. sure mom.. whatever....good thing I got a strong head..... I'm not sure how long I'd last if I didn't...heh
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