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uni stuff and.. musings

Righty-o.. time to hit the E-commerce text.... I read the slides...but skimmed through the chapters... :: hangs head in shame :: bad me..but in my own defense it's not like HE goes over the slides during the lecture like he's supposed to!!

and the Security for Business (IACT301).. he said the test will be on the 20th April....(least he announced it! HEY! he didn't say what will be covered but I think whatever we've done thus far) He finally uploaded the slides for the last 4 lectures too... about time too! sheesh...

Technically my 'week off' commences on the 11th, but since I have work at the library, no leave for me...which is actually fine by me...I enjoy the work... okay it pays $4/hour, but it's not about the money to me...I found something I highly enjoy doing and wouldn't mind persuing as a career... considering I get bored of things that don't stimulate my mind after a month or two at most, here I am 14 months later still enjoying what I do...still picky about the details and all.. which is an advantage when you're a librarian :D

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