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I was wondering yesterday... we had this "World Wollongong" our newsletter of sorts... it came out every month..but now it stopped because of all the stuff going on with the local accreditation and yadda so...I've been wondering if I oughta go talk to Bridget (former editor of the newsletter) and see if I can take the newsletter over and make it into a student led effort instead of a teacher led effort like it was before...considering that with all the accreditation stuff they hadn't released a newsletter since Feb '04 so they probably don't have time for it or something...

Still not sure if it's a good idea or a bad one... I mean I like writing and all and my leadership skills are allright when it comes to things, I got some experience with laying out newsletters (from my AUD student services volunteer position) and I got plently of experience in editing (from Darky's essays to other people's work) but I'm not quite sure whether it's a good idea ... :S

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