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Working on the DHC inventory list... as a member of the Operations Team (and somewhat the assistant team leader of the team) there are certain things our team must do....and certain people handle certain tasks... I handle the risers (maintenance et al) and the inventory.. Inventory hasn't been done for 3 years... last time they did it was in 2001...oh well.. I put together a list of stuff the chorus owns.. now to chase down the people who have the stuff....which may not be as easy as it sounds.. O_O but at least I feel useful in helping the chorus one way or another...

speaking of risers... I gotta order replacement hinges for those plus a few other spare parts in order to maintain the risers properly...we got a few bent hinges that shouldn't have been bent; but were because when the risers were put up the hinges weren't switched to a lower level like they should've been..a mistake, but it MAY be fixable without replacing the hinges (but I still gotta order them so we can have replacement parts on hand, just in case something happens and we won't have to order it from Germany and wait for it to come....)

I need to brush up on my German tho' I can understand spoken German but have trouble with written and of course I can't speak it.. so.. may as well learn it one way or another... heh..

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