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Dropped by a pharmacy on the way back home from work to get more eyedrops.. yes Jessie used up a whole bottle within 3 days! (stoopid allergies!)

Found something I thought was banned on this market.... Tylenol.....they had a ban on it for some posessed reason a few years back; probably because the home market wanted to get in on the action of producing tablets, apparently they flubbed, since they let stuff like Tylenol be sold here.....go figure..... thus far it actually helped with getting rid of my headache! (who'da thunk?! or is that the extra eyedrops?!) They ban most normal meds here...and whateveryou do you just can't find any potent heart medicine here! so if you got a heart attack or problems with your heart, good luck!

Read the Drug facts on the box of Tylenol... this one got me a laugh... "If you consume 3 or more alcoholic drinks every day, ask your doctor whether you should take acetaminophen or other pain relievers/fever reducers. Acetaminophen may cause liver damage" I just thought.... ok first of all ifyou're drinking 3 alcohol drinks a day, you got a problem..... second of all.....3 drinks a day, that's 21 drinks a week, 84 drinks a month, (you do the rest of the math) as if THAT can't damage your liver?!


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