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Spent yesterday evening fighting Google spiders (bots) on SGO.....I don't mind if it's just one or two that drop in to roam around but 20+ is a tad too much, thank you very much Google....those things can cause a server flood if there are too many of 'em on at one time, and down-time is what SGO *doesn't* need.....we've had 56 on TMA at one time, that took a while to clean up.....

spiders are bots that roam around collecting information for Google and Altavista and all the other search engines; am not sure what they use it for... my knowledge in bots is limited, must look for sites that talk about spiders and whatnot... IP ban didn't stop them, and that's gotta be the last resort of a ban that I'd ever use! (there's also an ISP ban, which happens when the Administrator of a forum contacts the ISP with IP address and info on the person who's being bad, and the ISP bans the person from the net based on what the person has done; I've never actually done this, as most people behave on SGO, so there's no need to get out the bigger arsenal just yet) I don't know what to do with Spiders! Since apparently an IP ban doesn't do much for them, granted I haven't tried banning individual IP addresses, but the range I banned, should've worked.....maybe it did and ended up bringing on the other dozen bots... D'oh....stoopid bots....harmless if there are one or two of them on at one time, but can cause damage (and annoy people) if there are too many of them on at one time...not a good thing.... especially if you're an Administrator of a forum that gets KOed; it can be a pain in the neck bringing online it back at times...fortunately that didn't happen yesterday.... but like I said who knows, I'm not sure of the limitations of our current server....I know I should be.... I'm an Administrator for cryin' outloud! must ask Dave on that....

got an upgrade scheduled on Tuesday morning tho'..... we'll see how that works out....


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