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Well lessee...dusted and vacuumed my room.... (wow I actually did somethin guseful onna weekend) read the E-commerce slides, the security instructor hadn't bothered putting the slides up from the past two weeks lectures... need to talk to him about that; I talked to him several times already and he just says "I'll put 'em up tonight" Dude! that was 2 weeks ago or something! How hard is it to FTP stuff online? SHEESH! :: shakes head ::

Spring break is from 9th April till 17th....yes I actually looked at my student calendar in order to figure a few things when I have to start studying for finals and not run around tearing my hair out when I find out the exam's tomorrow or something... speaking of exams... I've no idea when my midterms are... O_O okay I know for a fact there's no mid term on E-Commerce (IACT 304) cuz the guy came 3 weeks late and he decided not to give us one... don't ask... I don't know myself why he decided not to give us one, I'd have liked to have one, (not because I'm a geek) but because he's a new instructor and I want to see his exam style; I don't want to be surprised onna finals...

As for IACT 301; no idea when the midterm's for that.. he said he'd give quizzes in class, thus far we haven't had a single one; I think it's just his way to make people study every time; but no one does because they all know he won't give a quiz in class anyway... ::shakes head ::

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