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Allergies seem to have eased off for now... (or is it because I used up about half the bottle of the eye drops in the last 24 hours? I'm the type who normal dozes dont' work for... who knows... )

Caught JAG on TV Land just now..... they're showing the 8th Season here... what happened to Season 7?! Last season I saw on TV Land was Season 6!! OY! Wonder when they're going to come out with JAG DVD sets.. I'd definitely get those...I mean they just started season 9 in the States, why can't theybring out the DVD sets of previous seasons? OY! It's a bit annoying, I just saw season 1, 2 and part of 5 and 6.... Missed a bundle of episodes, and for a fanatic of the F-14, and an overall military brat, JAG's a nifty show! Definitely a show I'd like to have on DVDs....

Wouldn't mind getting "Tales of the Gold Monkey" on DVDs either, but alas, that show was in the 80's; I doubt they'll bring it out on DVDs, but it was a great show nevertheless....

This country's weird....they can stop a season of a show in the middle and start another season 2 weeks later.....very annoying... or show the episodes in the wrong order.... THAT's even worse at times!... they did that with Mutant X for the second season..... more annoying bit was that the episode they showed was the one where Gabriel Ashlocke kicked the bucket and next week's episode Gabe's all fine and dandy and planning to kill Mutant X.... uh.. hello?! That just gets to least they're not showing two part episodes out of sequence (YET!)

:: shakes her head ::

backwards country...they write from right to left, may as well do everything else backwards too.....


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