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oy...busy week incoming....

Ugh.. was just looking at my organizer this week...despite my headache due to the allergies...:: rubs face:: I got tons of work to do....

aside the usual mumbo jumbo of classes and library work; I got a lot of late nights planned... tomorrow's the section rehearsal for my chorus's section -- 7:30PM till 9:30 PM (I'm hoping I won't be as rattled as I was last time.. ) then on Tuesday is the usual chorus rehearsal (7PM to 10PM).. and on Wednesday is the Management Team meeting of the chorus 'team leaders' from 8PM till 10Pm....I'm not technically in charge of the Ops team, but I'm the one who's coming to that management team meeting cuz the new team leader can't make it...need to get a list of stuff from her on what I'm supposted to report to the management team...

on another note: think that tuna I had for 'lunch' had something bad in it... my stomach feels funny... X_X OY...
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