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Report and etc

Phew... done with the main bit...almost..the thing is 12 pages single-spaced thus far... and I still have to add the recommended security policies and defences...but I'll do that tomorrow; (nevermind it's due tomorrow, at 3:30PM) at the moment my eyes are about ready to fall out, allergies spiking up again due to the weather getting warmer... ARGH... (yes they are allergies, eye doc confirmed it; d'oh.. and yes they are due to the warm climate here... whoda thunk 10 years in this climate oughta make me IMMUNE to the heat, but no...... aiye :: tugs at hair::)

and I'll have to put together a quick presentation the silly handout.... which should be considerably simple, once the report is done. just put the key points in and that's that....and wing the actual speech, which is what I do most of the time anyway... ^_^;

12 sources, WHOOO!!!! and none of them from Google.... 6 from books and 6 from online databases provided by the uni......I'm weird....

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