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Back from my eye doc's appointment.....

Who'da thunk.... my eye lids are inflammed.... which caused me to have headaches and etc..... OY! Reason why they're inflammed: reaction to weather... Go figure.... I knew 10 years here couldn't be good! Stoopid allergies......

Gotta get some eyedrops she prescirbed; hopefully they'll work... Headaches are getting annoying....and I gotta go back to her next week, not sure when, probably on Monday or something... gotta see how my schedule is like next week....I got the chorus meeting next Tuesday so that's not a good time, since I'll spent several hours with huge eyes and squinting at anything light!

Otherwise.... things are nifty... so to speak....

Spoke to RJ in the morning.... that was probably the highlight of the entire week right there! PS. RJ, haven't listened to that song yet, RJ, bad Jessie bad llama! :: beats self onna head with a mallet:: will listen to it once I get back home from work tho'....


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