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Aye caramba

Foist day of 'vacation' (well no more college work for a week and a half anyway) and I ain't a happy camper cuz my eyes hurt like heck as does my head.. OY! So limited time on the computer, reading books or watching TV! (so much for the Stargate SG1 marathon and finishing off Elite Force II)

Still working though... I refuse to call in sick because of that! Unless they cart me outta there to a morgue I'm fine..... honestly! Yes I love my job, sue me......Granted it's not getting me a lot of money; but it's getting me something, and I'm not doing the job just for the money; it's a good learning experience, as I may do Master's in Library studies after I'm done with my computer science degree in a year or so.... after that may go for a Ph. D in Linguistics, specifically the English language, since I'm a'ready picky about grammar and spelling and whatnot....It's an interesting language actually, if you study it in depth.... but then again they already call me "Dr Jessie" and it's not because of my English, it's because of my "counselling skills" Go figure.....

Oh... one more thing that prooves I'm weird... most people have trouble loosing weight, I have trouble gaining it! D'oh!! :: beats head onna wall:: ok so I'm a vegeterian; and despite the fact that I think my weight is fine.. (100 LBs) some think I'm underweight.... size can be deceiving, just because I'm slim doesn't mean I can't kick tail!

Okay so I can't gain weight, so what? I'm short, so I have an excuse... Meh.... besides, it's not like I'm on diets all the time.. I'm not.... well technically we're on some diet ANY time of our lives that we consume food, but I'm talking about diets that people go onto to loose weight and stuff....I've never been on one of those...(what's the point of that? you'll end up gaining the weight you lost and thensome, a week after you get off that diet and get back to your normal eating habits.... if diets worked most Americans wouldn't be overweight now.... {note: am not picking on Americans, but they're the guys most obsessed with weight problems and all.. ;) they're also the guys who gave us McDonald's and all that.... anyone see a problem here??? conflict of interest maybe} )

I'm a weirdo I tell ya! weirdo!!!


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